Tio ĉi estas retejo por la neformala grupo de Esperanto ĉe Miĉiano. Nepre kontaktu nin se vi volas babili kun Esperantistoj ĉe la Miĉiana regiono!

This is a page of the informal group of the international language Esperanto in Michiana. If you need help on how to start learning Esperanto, or would like to know more about it, please contact us!

Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed language, with speakers almost everywhere in the world. It was designed to be easy to learn, as an auxiliary language for international communication.

Esperanto does not belong to any country, or region, and does not replace anyone's language. Thus, it provides a great tool for people to share their culture around the world. At the same time, Esperanto is developing its own culture, with thousands of translated and original works. One author, William Auld, was even nominated several times to the Nobel prize in Literature for his work in Esperanto.

small Esperanto tour

some slides introducing Esperanto

Why learn Esperanto?

Esperanto is simple, but expressive, which makes it a great candidate if you ever wanted to learn another language. There are no grammar exceptions, no irregular verbs, and letters are pronounced as they are written (i.e., it is a phonetic language). Moreover, you can more easily learn the skills to have multiple languages in your head, and this will allow you to learn other languages faster!

Once you know a little bit of Esperanto, you can travel the world with free lodgings. The only condition is that you speak Esperanto!

How to learn Esperanto

There are several convinient ways to learn Esperanto without leaving your home. The site Duolingo , has an excellent, completely free, course of Esperanto for beginners. You can use the website, or the smart phone app. Also, there are several free courses by regular mail. You can find information about them at the Esperanto USA website .

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